Get The Professionals To Move Your Home Fast: What To Know


Planning a move that is easy and fast is very possible if you know the tricks of the trade, and if you are able to plan the move smartly. There are some key points that you want to focus on if you are a first time mover, or if you need to get the job done quickly and without errors. When you start to call around and talk with managers at moving companies such as Allen's Transfer, you will be able to get a cost estimate and choose a company that is affordable. Here are some of the things to do before the movers get to your home.

Book the Earliest Time

You may be unaware of where you are on the schedule with the moving company. When you call to book an put down the deposit, let them know that you want to be the first scheduled job of the day. This eliminates wondering when the movers will get to your property, or waiting and wasting time when you could be being productive with the move.

Prep Your Furniture

 Time is money, and the more time the moving company has to spend disassembling things the more they will charge you. Take the time if you can to disassemble things like beds, desks, or other large furniture items that the movers would have to spend a lot of time taking apart. Label the pieces or take a picture to make sure you remember where everything goes, and store all the hardware in a bag with a label.

Label All Boxes

Avoiding chaos, wasted time, frustration, and mismanagement on the other end of the move can be easy if you take the time to properly label each box that you pack. Letting the movers know where to unload the boxes with numbers for the different rooms, or with a label, makes it easier for you to get the boxes where you need. This can speed up the unpacking process greatly.

If the moving company can get in out of our house quickly because you have the furniture disassembled and you have the boxes already labeled, this makes the day shorter and can save the workers hours that you would have to pay for. Make sure that your load your most precious valuables and pieces in your own vehicle so you don't have to worry about jewelry or important documents getting damaged or lost in any way throughout the move.


20 July 2018

Difficult Moves Made Easy

My husband is in the military, and our family has had to move across the country a few times throughout his career. The first time we faced a move, I was so overwhelmed that I felt like I was going to burst! We had accumulated so much "stuff" that I just didn't know what to do with it all. We ended up hiring a moving company, and we put all of the "stuff" we didn't use often in a storage unit. Once I got through the process once, our next couple of moves seemed like a breeze. I know there are other families out there facing their first moves feeling unprepared and overwhelmed, so I decided to make a blog to share moving tips and tips about using storage units wisely. I hope I can help make your move less stressful!