Keeping Safe During A Moving Service Visit


If you need to move your belongings from one home to another, you have likely contacted a moving service to handle the transport of these precious items for you. Moving day is often chaotic and can cause injuries to people and pets due to the hubbub taking place around them. Here are some tips to keep your family and pets safe when hiring a moving service.

Tend To Small Children And Pets Appropriately

If possible, have someone watch your small children and pets in a location off-site. This frees up the areas of your home for movers to come and gather your belongings without worrying about bumping into, stepping on, or dropping a piece of furniture on a child or pet. If children or pets must remain in your home, have them stay in one area of the home while the moving service workers perform their duties. Alert the staff members about the location of people and pets being secured away, and place a sign on the door indicating that is the spot where they are contained. When the rest of the home has been vacated of furniture, move your children and pets to another area of the home until the last room can be handled.

Make Sure Items Are Properly Protected

Your belongings need proper wrapping, containment, and cushioning to keep them from becoming damaged while in transit. In addition, using these coverings will help to keep people safe. Cover all protruding portions of furniture so sharp edges do not pose a problem as they are shifted around to be placed in a moving truck. Wrap glassware with pieces of newspaper or bubble wrap and keep them in plastic storage tubs. This will minimize the chances of your fragile items breaking. 

Use A Door Stop For Easy Moving

Propping open any doors being utilized by moving staff will help to keep them safe. When movers need to handle large, heavy, or bulky items, it is often difficult to shift the weight of the pieces around, especially if they are being moved a long distance throughout the home to get to the truck. Keeping doors propped open frees up the workers' hands so they do not need to worry about having to try to open and close them as they make their way through the entryways and exits. This is a small step that will be greatly appreciated and keep people safe.

For more information, reach out to local moving services.


29 August 2022

Difficult Moves Made Easy

My husband is in the military, and our family has had to move across the country a few times throughout his career. The first time we faced a move, I was so overwhelmed that I felt like I was going to burst! We had accumulated so much "stuff" that I just didn't know what to do with it all. We ended up hiring a moving company, and we put all of the "stuff" we didn't use often in a storage unit. Once I got through the process once, our next couple of moves seemed like a breeze. I know there are other families out there facing their first moves feeling unprepared and overwhelmed, so I decided to make a blog to share moving tips and tips about using storage units wisely. I hope I can help make your move less stressful!