The Easiest Ways to Pack Up Your Home, Stay Organized, and Move


Moving is not an easy job. It is the reason why so many families hire home movers to help with this overwhelming task. If you find that you need to move, you may be wondering how you can pack everything up, keep it organized, and move it to your new home without losing sight of everything. Here are some tips that can help. 

Use See-Through Plastic Totes

If you can afford a lot of these totes, they will definitely help you stay organized. They are see-through enough that you can see at a glance exactly what you have placed inside them. You can buy them in all sizes, and you can buy them cheap from dollar stores. Additionally, you can buy larger totes on clearance after certain holidays, and these come with lids that are colored to match the festive colors that represent the recent holiday. (That is why they will be on clearance and sold cheaply.)  Use totes to pack up each room, keeping all things from one room in one set of totes in the middle of each room just in case you have to go into a tote to fetch something out of it before the movers put them on the truck. 

Use Black Permanent Marker

Here is a little secret not many people know; permanent marker on surfaces is not that permanent. It can be removed with either rubbing alcohol or, more commonly, nail polish remover. That said, go crazy with the black permanent marker by labeling all of your clear plastic totes! Everything that came out of the master bedroom could be labeled "master bedroom." Everything that comes out of the kitchen could be labeled "kitchen," etc.. Now you can not only see what is in the totes, but you also know exactly in which room to place that tote in the new house. It is very clear to the movers where to put each tote, too. 

Load the Truck by Room

Rather than just throw everything on the truck (even though it is labeled!), pack the truck up room by room. The movers will do as you direct them to do. Start with one room in the house, and move everything from totes to furniture onto the truck. When one entire room is on the truck, move to the next room. Keep going until each room has been loaded onto the truck. At the new home, unload the same way in reverse. 


7 January 2020

Difficult Moves Made Easy

My husband is in the military, and our family has had to move across the country a few times throughout his career. The first time we faced a move, I was so overwhelmed that I felt like I was going to burst! We had accumulated so much "stuff" that I just didn't know what to do with it all. We ended up hiring a moving company, and we put all of the "stuff" we didn't use often in a storage unit. Once I got through the process once, our next couple of moves seemed like a breeze. I know there are other families out there facing their first moves feeling unprepared and overwhelmed, so I decided to make a blog to share moving tips and tips about using storage units wisely. I hope I can help make your move less stressful!